"Simply put, hiring veterans is good for a company's bottom line. There is no better employee than an American veteran."

The NCOA is a federally chartered military non-profit 501(c)(19) organization and was established in 1960 to enhance and maintain the quality of life for non commissioned and petty officers in all branches of the United States Armed Forces, National Guard and Reserves. NCOA is currently a leader in Veterans Employment Assistance (VEA), a strong voice on Capitol Hill and with the Veterans Administration, and our members around the world are making a difference in their local communities. NCOA offers its members a wide range of benefits and services designed especially for enlisted service members and their families. NCOA’s nearly 100 chapters are the foundation of the Association. They are the centers of social interaction among association members, grass-roots benevolent activity, community support and involvement programs. Association chapters exist worldwide from small towns in the United States to countries like Korea, Germany and Italy; almost everywhere American service members are stationed. NCOA chapters participate in a variety of national and local activities. Chapter efforts in NCOA’s national voter registration program have been responsible for the registration of hundreds of thousands of military personnel, veterans and their families.

​Thank you for your support of the NCOA and our goal to find every veteran meaningful employment. We are committed to serving those who selflessly sacrificed so much  for all of us.  Our job fair program welcomes veterans, active duty servicemembers and their dependents to our events, and we will do everything we can to connect them with the best employment opportunities available.  We’ve been helping veterans transition since 1973. Come join us!​


Rachael Hubbard